The 5 signs that you have met your Spiritual Soulmate

Spiritual or Sacred Soulmate relationships represent the final stage in the journey of spiritual awakening of a soul in this world. Earth is a school and the life you are living is like the curriculum. Often you will have to learn important life lessons which could take you many lifetimes to do, in order to mature enough for a truly spiritual based relationship. The orientation of this type of relationship is different from other types. Spiritual or sacred soulmates usually come together for a spiritually based purpose, as the name suggests. 

Sacred soulmates are souls who are deeply connected on a soul level and the priority of this relationship is to accelerate each other’s individual spiritual growth and activation of their spiritual gifts.  By combining their energies, they come together to support the awakening of humanity’s consciousness on a collective level. They are alchemical partners, deep soul companions and they only meet when each of the individual souls have learned the majority of their lessons and are now ready to live drama free. They have all the maturity needed and they can now exist together in beautiful harmony, and co-creation.

The beauty is that more and more people are now completing their karmic and learning relationships, and as they do so, a truly sacred soulmate partner enters their life.

1. You were brought together in a most synchronistic way.

It was as if the invisible forces of the universe had conspired to orchestrate the meeting of the two of you. There is a spiritual component to your meeting, an unusual synchronicity. You might have met completely randomly online, or there was a chance meeting in person in a way that is hard to explain. Your intuition has guided both of you, and without even knowing it, you were both guided towards each other. You might have not even planned on meeting anyone, or contrary to this, you might have felt your soulmate was close and you were about to meet them.

Looking back, the way you met and the way you were guided into each other’s life was unusual and you both know very well that higher forces were at play!

You have both been on a spiritual path for a long time and upon meeting, you immediately recognised each other’s souls. There is a sense of deep familiarity. These relationships however, might feel very different from your previous relationships. Maybe the person you have met and recognised as your true spiritual or sacred soulmate is in many ways different from the type of a person you would usually choose to date. This is a sign that you have broken free from old repetitive patterns and your programming, and are now in resonance with what is truly good and right for you.

Because both of you have done a lot of inner work (through many lifetimes, not just this lifetime), you both have wisdom and maturity to have a pretty much drama free relationship. While there might still be certain challenges to be worked on, the great majority of these relationships feels very balanced, harmonious and supportive in every way.


While you might share similar values and priorities in life, what really differentiates this type of soulmate relationship from other types of relationships is that deep down you know you have been brought together for a purpose greater than just your individual selves. You are here to combine your energies and your gifts, and anchor a spiritual vision into this world.

This means that you might write a book, teach courses or mentor others in any other way. Essentially, it is about uplifting the consciousness of humanity. You are both old souls with much wisdom to share, and you are called to be together on a spiritual mission.


While you might not be exact ‘carbon copies’ of each other, you are extremely compatible in different ways. One person might have the skills and the experience that the other is lacking, and vice versa. This also directly relates to your spiritual purpose together, where your combined skills are exactly what is needed to fulfill your mission together in this world.

The key is to recognise each other’s strengths and learn to combine them in the best possible way.

Your spiritual compatibility simply means that you share a very similar level of spiritual consciousness. You have both awakened spirituality through your own individual journeys and can now see through the common illusions of our material reality. You both understand that as souls we come to this world to learn to see through the illusions and to awaken our spirituality.

Wherever you go, your combined energies and wisdom lights up the consciousness of others.


Normal romantic love is often like a flame that burns fast but doesn’t last. Spiritual soulmates are different. This is where the love is peaceful, deep and there is a sense of deep trust between the souls. It almost feels like the person you have met is your absolute best friend. Somebody you can trust and rely on 100%. You feel that deeply in your heart and your soul.

The relationship is built on respect for each other. While there can be a lot of romantic feelings, joy and playfulness, the relationship is much more mature and surpasses any temporary infatuation. This is a reunion of ancient soulmates, who have reunited to bring the light into the world where it is most needed. 

Though their connection is built on trust, love and respect, they serve the greater whole. They embody the principles of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

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