How past lives can affect your romantic relationships 

As a soul, you have lived many times before. Each lifetime is like a chapter in the book of your soul’s journey through time and space, and the idea is that once a lifetime is completed, the chapter is completed and when you choose to incarnate into a new lifetime, a new story begins. Unfortunately, this isn’t so. The truth is that a lot can happen in a lifetime and what often happens is that the emotional burden of an experience is so intense that as a soul, you don’t process it all successfully by the end of that lifetime, and instead you carry it over to another lifetime.

In this article we will look at 3 practical examples of how unresolved past life energy can affect your current romantic relationship. 

The first example is from a client who I have worked with over the past few years. She has had a few lifetimes where she would fall in love with a person who she ended up losing. As we looked through different lifetimes, we would see different scenarios being played out, such as losing her partner in a war, or them choosing to marry another person due to the circumstances, or losing their partner to a disease etc. The way my client would deal with this loss from one lifetime to another was similar – she would always give up on life, sometimes she would even jump off a cliff, or other times she would simply give up any will to carry on living.

In my client’s soul, there was a bit of imprint of loss and giving up, and so her soul has decided that in this current lifetime, she will have to overcome this. In this lifetime, my client has lost her partner in an accident, however the lesson was to keep living her life to the fullest!

This was her soul contract with her soulmate partner before coming to this world and now she has had to live through it and finally change the pattern. Once she understood the lesson, it was much easier for her to understand why she had to lose him and the importance of keeping going and making the best out of her life in every way! In this lifetime, she is not to wait for anyone to come to her rescue, this time she has to live her life to the fullest! 


I have seen the past life of one of my clients where she lived in a harem and was owned by a cruel man, who had many women. She deeply disliked the man, but being his property she didn’t have much power to change her circumstances. I saw that they had many lifetimes together, where due to the circumstances, every time she had given her power away to him and ended up in many unhealthy entanglements. 

In this current lifetime, her soul has come here to clear up this past life energy once and for all! It was time for my client to take all of her power back. The way the story unfolded was that in this lifetime, she met the same man again and married very young. Even though she knew in her heart that this wasn’t the right man for her, she married him and had children with him. She felt a sense of being owned, a sense of ‘no way out’. Of course, all of this was an echo of unresolved past life stories that were leaking into this lifetime.

She has spent a long time in this lifetime with this man, always feeling as if he had power over her, and despite being unhappy, she couldn’t find the strength to leave the marriage. Once she got the insight into their past lives together, things made much more sense. She slowly started taking her power back, step by step, until she finally broke free from this toxic dynamic and left the marriage.

She faced her fears of being alone and not being able to take care of herself as a single mother (another echo from a past life!) and soon after, her life blossomed and now she lives a beautiful life with her new partner, who is her true soulmate.

Before she could create this beautiful new reality for herself, she needed to face her past. Her past was keeping her stuck and preventing her from experiencing the happiness she was destined to have in this lifetime. It was only she herself who could change this energy by making the choice to walk away and take her power back, and this is when it all changed for her.

A very interesting case was a client who was stuck in an unhealthy relationship with a person who was charming, but completely unreliable. My client was devastated because she felt she was unable to let go of that person, no matter how much she tried. 

Intellectually, she knew very well that the person and the relationship weren’t right for her, but she felt such a strong magnetic pull to the person and would always forgive them and take them back. By the time she came to see me she was a wreck!

As I looked into the situation, I could see a past life where my client’s current partner was her child. She had more children but this child was her youngest, and she then lost this child in an earthquake. She managed to save all her other children, but was unable to save her youngest child.

In this lifetime, this child came through as her partner and she felt all the regret and guilt from being unable to save him in that past life come back.  And so in this lifetime she felt powerless to set any boundaries with him. She kept forgiving him and taking him back no matter what he did, acting out the unconditional love of a mother for her child. 

Once she realized the story and we started clearing the pattern, slowly the attachment loosened and she was able to let the person go. This person came into her life to help her clear this deep guilt that was actually preventing her from moving forward and meeting her true soulmate! 


Through my life and work I have seen so many different scenarios played out, where souls come back into this lifetime in order to complete unfinished business. When you find yourself in a karmic type of a relationship (read article here), situations will play out that will give  everyone involved the opportunity to heal and overcome past challenges.

The scenarios that play out as an echo of unresolved past life stories can be extremely challenging. It is often very easy to fall into the trap of feeling victimized by these situations, however it is important to understand that these are lessons that the soul has chosen to work through and master, and therefore they cannot be avoided.

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