Is there just one soulmate for you?

Many of us have grown up on a diet of fairy tales, romantic novels and movies that have portrayed the most distorted picture of romantic relationships. Once we grew up, the reality was, of course, completely different (at least for the majority of us).


The answer to this question is quite simple: we all have many soulmates. Soulmates are souls that we share a connection with on a deeper level. This is often due to the fact that we have shared past lives with these souls, and they feel deeply familiar to us.

With some souls, we have shared very positive lifetimes and experiences and this will also reflect how we experience our relationship with them in this lifetime. With others however, we might have had challenging past lives, which often result in unfinished karma that is then transferred over to this lifetime. When you meet such a soulmate, you will feel a sense of connection, but also heaviness and unease.

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We come into this lifetime with a pre-chosen set of pre-birth agreements or soul contracts. We agree on what we will work through in this specific lifetime with another soul. If you need to learn, let’s say forgiveness, you might make a soul contract with one of your soulmates whereby the way things will play out between the two of you is that they will betray you in some way, and you will need to transcend your anger and frustration, and learn to forgive them.

Of course, these scenarios seem logical on the level of the soul, but once we actually incarnate into the physical world, things can become very intense and often overwhelming.

Yet, we do pre-plan our lives and it all comes down to the soul lessons you need to learn, and your soulmates are there to help you learn those lessons! Soulmates can manifest as your friends, family, pets, colleagues, schoolmates and romantic partners. 

In a romantic sense, you can have different types of soulmates that come into your life for different purposes!

While some people do choose in their pre-birth agreement to only have one romantic soulmate in their whole life, the majority of people choose to meet different types of soulmates at different points in their life in order to help them learn different lessons.

In my post The 3 main types of soulmates  I explain the concept of soulmates in greater detail. For the majority of people, they will meet a different type of a soulmate at a different time of their life. It all comes down to what you need to learn at a certain point in life to grow and evolve.

  • Karmic soulmates
  • Typical soulmates (mirroring, learning, mentors)
  • Spiritual or sacred soulmate

The way things usually unfold is (and there are always exceptions to this rule) that you will first of all, meet your karmic soulmate partner or partners, that represent the unfinished business from your past lives (read my articles: 7 signs of a karmic soulmates, How past lives affect your romantic relationships, The 3 steps to break free from karmic relationship).

Karmic relationships are there to help you face any lessons you haven’t learned in a previous lifetime. There might be many different issues or patterns that you need to work through to get to a point where you have healed yourself on a deep level, and you stop attracting any unhealthy relationships into your life.

A mirroring soulmate is someone who will mirror back your unresolved issues that usually date back to your childhood. An example of this could be;  you were never allowed to speak up as a child. Your mirroring partner will quite likely be a person who will shut you down and not allow you to communicate your truth as an adult. You might experience an array of emotions, but essentially, a mirroring partner comes into your life to mirror back to you the aspects that need healing. They shine a light on your issues and these usually relate to your childhood.

Learning soulmates are usually very compatible soulmates with whom you have a soul contract to share your life with, or at least share a portion of your life with. These relationships are quite balanced and harmonious. 

In your life you can meet different people at different times that are your learning soulmates. You can consider them to be like your classmates in school. You are working on the same project and therefore you feel very aligned with each other. You will go through different stages of your life with them, facing different challenges and opportunities. These types of relationships can last a shorter period of time, or longer, or even a lifetime just depending on how quickly you learn the lesson.

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Soul mentors are usually souls that come into your life when you need help or guidance. This is usually when you find yourself at a major crossroads in your life and they manifest to help you overcome your challenges. This type of soulmate can manifest themselves in different ways, including as a romantic partner.

The final type of soulmates are spiritual or sacred soulmates. This is a soul with whom you have a deep spiritual compatibility. They manifest once you are on your spiritual path and you have started to put your soul first. Your romantic sacred soulmate partner will manifest once you have worked through all the karmic lessons as well as any other lessons. Spiritual soulmates are called together when they are both ready and the purpose of their union is to not only enjoy a beautiful relationship, but to also combine their energies and gifts and support the collective spiritual awakening of humanity in their own unique way. Their highest purpose is to be of service to others.


In your life, you will meet soulmates depending on where you are in your own journey of deep healing, transformation and spiritual awakening. They will each teach you an important lesson, and eventually as you progress on your spiritual journey, your relationships will change into much more balanced, harmonious and spiritually supportive ones. 

You can experience this progression of your soul journey with one person, two people or many different people, that come into your life at different stages.

What you will inevitably learn is that the fairytales and the romantic novels that we grew up on have actually distorted our perception of the true purpose of a relationship. Relationships are here to help us grow and evolve. While romance is a part of the equation, it is not the whole equation. 

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