March 2025 (14 day retreat) – exact date to be announced!

Bali Sacred Mother Retreat 2025

by teja wood & jeran meah

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Answering the Call of the Sacred Mother

There are those of us, who have come to this world, with the purpose of being the keepers of this sacred flame of higher consciousness, truth and wisdom. We feel this in our hearts. We are called to this work and to this path. Many of us who feel that calling are ancient Lemurian souls. This retreat is a sacred journey, where we work with the powerful mountain spirits in the jungle of Bali by the mountain Batakur. Deep healing and remembering of our true essence happens. As we transform through this 2-week journey, we return home with undeniable clarity and purpose.

Sacred Mountain Batkaru

This retreat takes place in an award winning eco and premaculture lodge in the jungle of Tabanan region of Bali, by the foothills of mount Batur. Mount Batur is a volcanic mountain and as such one of the sacred mountains in Bali. It is believed to hold powerful healing energies for the world. It is a place where two powerful lay lines meet and pass through 6 sacred sites in Bali, mountain Batur being one of them. Mount Batur represents the purifying fire element and as such helps in deep transformation and healing.

Mount Batur is sacred to Dewi Dan, the Goddess of the lake. According to Balinese people this mountain is a sacred place where gods and spirits reside. This is a place of deep spiritual purification and many Balinese Hindus undertake a pilgrimage to the mountain to purify themselves of negative energies and seek blessings. 

Balinese people believe that the mountain is a gateway between the earthy realm and the spirit realm. This is also a place of passing between the world. There are a lot of different traditional ceremonies and festivals that take place in the area of Mount Batur. In Balinese literature, Mount Batur is often mentioned in poems and stories as a place of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

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We have received a powerful calling to work with the sacred energies of Mount Batur and spirits of the land. We are answering this calling by creating a regular yearly 2-week retreat to this unique and deeply sacred place by the foothills of Sacred Mt Batukaru in Saribuana Eco Lodge.

retreat location

Saribuana Eco Lodge

Our retreat will take place in a beautiful Saribuana eco lodge, a true labour of love that has grown over the years from a small family project to an award winning eco lodge with permaculture gardens and most wonderful staff that feels like family. As you walk through the doors of the lodge, you will feel most nurturing energies and a sense of coming home. The lodge is located on the hill, overlooking the valley, offering the most beautiful view. It truly is a small paradise, where healing energies flow in abundance.  The style of the villas and the whole lodge is a perfect blend of natural style build, that blends perfectly with the natural environment,  offering a sense of being part of the nature. Surrounded by lush vegetation, this truly is a magical place where you will feel restored, regenerated and rejuvenated.

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The program

Daily schedule:

6:30 – 7:30am Morning Yoga session

7:30am – 8am Morning Sound & Breathwork Meditation

8am – 9:30am Breakfast

9:30am – 1pm Workshop

3pm – 5pm Workshop

5pm – 6pm Afternoon Yoga session

6pm – 8pm Dinner & Free time

8pm- 8:30pm Evening closing meditation

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Have You Been Called To This Powerful Journey?

This retreat is designed for those who are ready to do deep spiritual work and become the keepers of the sacred codes of the spiritual awakening of humanity. We have each been called to a unique spiritual mission in this lifetime, however what we all share in common is that we are here to embody the codes of enlightenment passed down to us by our Sacred Mother.

This retreat is available through applications only, as we want to ensure that the right people chose to join this magical and deeply transformative experience.

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The key is to create a global grid of higher consciousness and light, so these codes can be transmitted to all corners of the world.

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Teja Wood

Teja Wood is founder of Soul Calling Academy, an online platform of ancient wisdom for modern times. The academy is a meeting point for many like-minded people from all over the world, seeking the path of spiritual empowerment and deeper soul alignment.

Teja has worked with thousands of people over the last 20+ years, helping them navigate their sacred journeys. She has co-founded Soul Calling Academy with her partner Jeran Meah. Together, they create transformational materials, certification courses and retreats around the world, with a shared vision to support awakening of the higher consciousness of humanity.

Teja is also a mum to a cheeky 8-year old boy and a spoodle name Ruby. Originally from Slovenia (Europe), now she resides in Australia by the ocean with her family.