Soul Calling Academy

by teja wood & jeran meah

Why Soul Calling Academy?

Life has become fast-paced, with the world changing rapidly. Advancements in technology have created new opportunities, but we must not lose ourselves in instant gratification. Living in such fast-paced lives has led to stress, anxiety, burnout, and disease.

There is an urgent call to Humanity to awaken to more heightened states of awareness and more sacred ways of living. We must find more harmonious ways of living that foster greater balance within our lives which in turn strengthens our overall well-being.

The Soul Calling Academy is dedicated to providing trainings, courses and mentorship for spiritual awakening and seeking balance and alignment in life. Run by Teja Wood and Jeran Meah, who have dedicated their lives to helping people raise consciousness, awaken their spiritual gifts and step into the life of their true purpose. The materials inside the Soul Calling Academy are founded on Teja’s 20+ years of work with thousands of clients in private and group settings. These tools are here to help you unlock your full potential and live your best life. Jam-packed with powerful knowledge and designed to help you open the doors to higher consciousness.

spiritual awakening & activation of your gifts

Join Us On This Journey

online COURSES

pre-recorded + live sessions

In-depth and life-changing courses designed to help you transform your life from inside out. Essential tools of personal growth and awakening of your spiritual gifts, so you can live the life of your true soul’s calling.

Our courses are based on 20+ years of working with students in the area of self-development and metaphysics. Our courses are taught online live as well as in pre-recorded format with weekly live support. Please browse through different categories to see all courses currently available! 

personal growth
spiritual gifts and intuition
sacred relationships
soul-aligned business

international CERTIFICATIONS


The Soul Calling certification programs are internationally recognised courses designed for those wanting to heal their life from deep within, activate their spiritual gifts and live the life of their soul’s true purpose.

The second part of this training is all about diving deep into the concept of sacred relationships and how to anchor this new paradigm in your life.



journeys & sacred gatherings

Travel with us to some of the most sacred places on Earth. Feel nourished, nurtured and uplifted as you will connect with your soul tribe and experience the healing energies of Mother Earth. Our retreats help you dive into the depths of your subconsciousness, heal deeper from within, awaken your inner light, and find your true purpose in life. The second part of this training is all about diving deep into the concept of sacred relationships and how to anchor this new paradigm in your life.

bali sacred mother retreat
croatia soul-purpose retreat

1:1 spiritual COACHING

in person or online

A unique blend of life coaching, transformational work, akashic records reading, past lives integration, inner child work, life purpose and deep spiritual healing, designed to help you connect with and fulfil your soul’s true calling.

Spiritual Coaching (individual session)
psychic mediumship session
3 or 6-month mentorship
relationship coaching

monthly membership

Inner Circle

Weekly live sessions, library of workshops, meditation library and global community of like-minded people, all cheering you along your soul calling journey! 

coming soon