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About my journey

 It happened completely randomly on a normal day as I was studying for my university exams. While I have had mystical experiences since I was a little girl, they would usually happen during the night when I would sleep and I would travel to different places in spirit or I would be visited by deceased loved ones. However, what happened on that day was very unusual. As I was studying I suddenly felt an enormous energetic presence entering my flow of thoughts. This consciousness telepathically spoke to me, by merging with my consciousness. 

One version would be where I simply follow the path of completing my university degree, getting a great job, settling down and having a family. I would have a very successful life, but there was no deeper meaning for my soul in that version of a future. 

The other version was a completely different future. I was shown a life where I was travelling the world and teaching about spirituality. I could see myself helping people, healing and leading, but to choose this path, I needed to leave my old life behind. 

In my heart, I immediately knew which path was the right one. Even though I was given a choice, my heart already knew the truth. Amid that mystical experience, I choose to prioritise my soul and follow the path of my true calling. 

The whole experience lasted maybe a few minutes, but in those few minutes, my entire future and life were decided. Looking back on this experience, I can see how I was given a final choice to decide the trajectory of my future; did I want to follow the path of society’s expectations and definition of success or did I choose my soul?

Spiritual path is a path of many tests and tribulations …

What followed this mystical experience was a time of loneliness and disconnect from the life I knew so well. All my friends walked away from me, as they believed I had lost my mind. In their eyes I WAS WEIRD and in their eyes, the only way was to disconnect with me.

I started thinking differently, talking in a language they didn’t understand. I moved away from things that made their lives fun. I started meditating, connecting to my soul and my guides, working with the ascended masters. I was receiving powerful guidance and insights into the true nature of life. I could predict the future for different individuals and had numerous visitations by the deceased loved ones. 

When we choose our soul and the path of spiritual service, life changes.

We go through a period of tests and challenges, to prepare for the journey ahead. If you want to serve the world with your spiritual gifts, you first need to go through the flames of purification and release all your fears, worries and unhealthy attachments. This is no walk in the park and is why many people give up.

There were times when I wanted to give up, yet there was something that kept pushing me forward. I always felt a very strong presence of spiritual authorities from the non-physical realm overseeing me and guiding me. In my heart, I knew there was no way to escape my true path.

This resulted in me deciding to ditch all society’s expectations and travel the world at the age of 20 in pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Needless to say that the next 5 years were filled with different tests and tribulations, that were all perfectly designed to prepare me for what was ahead of me.

At the age of 24, before returning to my home country of Slovenia while I lived in New Zealand, I met an extraordinary lady called Margaret McElroy who was a deep trance channel for ascended master Maitreya. Without knowing anything about me whatsoever, Ascended Master Maitreya came through and started speaking about my path and my true purpose in this life. Everything he said about my journey was completely accurate. This was the final confirmation and guidance I needed before becoming fully public about my spiritual gifts and my spiritual work.

At the age of 25, I returned to my home country of Slovenia. I started offering 1:1 sessions to people and meditations. I was always perfectly guided by spirit, and the information that would come through was incredibly accurate which generated more and more interest in my work.

I never knew anyone who could speak to the deceased loved ones, I didn’t even know it was a thing until one day, completely out of the blue as I was doing an intuitive session for a client, suddenly her deceased mother came through and gave me an enormous amount of information to share with her daughter who was attending the session. The information was accurate. I could describe her childhood in great detail, I described her mother, her artistic profession and the house they lived in by the river. The accuracy of the information shocked me so much that I stopped doing readings for 6 months just to come to grasp the idea that I could communicate to the deceased loved ones in broad daylight – and contrary to popular belief, there was nothing mystical or creepy about it. The experience was filled with love and compassion, and a sense of peace that passes all understanding.

From that moment on, I embraced this part of my calling and started offering mediumship readings full-time, all my experiences were filled with absolute love, deep compassion and peace. There was nothing dramatic about it. Just the light of the soul who wants to communicate with their loved ones, give them confirmation that they are OK and give them messages of love.

Soon I had major TV channels interested in my work, and I felt deeply honoured to be able to introduce the concept of the afterlife to the public. There is so much grief and pain when losing a loved one, simply because in modern-day society, we do not understand spiritual laws that govern life. Through my mediumship, I have proven again and again, that there is an afterlife and, we come from what we call ‘afterlife’ to this world, and we return there.

Since then I have worked with thousands of people in 1:1 settings as well as in my training, workshops, retreats and different types of courses. 

Soon after my son was born, in early 2016 I received clear guidance it was time to launch an international academy and offer the teachings I have been offering to the Slovenian audience, to a greater audience. Many people were ready to spiritually awaken, activate their spiritual gifts and serve the spiritual awakening. My purpose was to help them become truly aware of who they are meant to be and help them get onto their true path.

I believe we all come into this world with a unique spiritual calling. However, many people are disconnected from their soul and their intuitive guidance and this is why they make decisions that pull them further and further away from their soul’s original plan in life. 

This is how many people ‘miss’ their purpose in life, by simply dismissing their inner guidance or not making choices based on what they know to be true and right for them due to a lack of confidence or fear of the unknown. There are many reasons why people choose not to step into their purpose and through my work I help people remove those blocks, so their intuition can become fully activated and once they start making decisions from that space of inner intuitive guidance, everything in their life starts falling into place. 

How to work with me?

At Soul Calling, we offer private mentorship programs as well as online courses and certification programs. We organise regular retreats in beautiful and some of the most energetically transformative places in the world. 

My work utilises the tools to help you become more self-empowered with the deep intuitive guidance I receive that is directly related to your soul’s purpose, blended with archetypal transformational work. This unique combination will create a bridge that can lead you to a life of living your full potential.

The courses that we have created inside of the Soul Calling Academy are designed to systematically guide you in a step-by-step fashion, to transcend any blocks, activate your spiritual gifts and create the life you were destined to live.

I look forward to supporting you on your sacred journey!
Teja xx 

I’m not doing this alone!

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Co-founder of Soul Calling Academy, intuitive and medium. Mentor to upcoming spiritual teachers and mentors. Writer, teacher, content creator.

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Co-funder of Soul Calling Academy, oficial organiser and business mind of Soul Calling Academy. Marketing and research. Keeping things on track. Charming and hillarious. Not just looks, but also the brains 🙂 Teja’s partner in love and life.

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Our precious baby, the one that gets spoiled the most. We think of her as our little ‘Yoda’. Deeply emphatic, a true healer that will immediately tell us off if we are not in alignment. Few barks is all it takes to drop any disagreements and return to the heart.

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