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Over The Last 20+ Years We have Helped Many People Reconnect With Their Soul and Step Into Their Purpose …

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Barbara Gerhauser

‘The fact that she is a really pure channel with so much clarity about her work makes her so unique. As I always say, “the deeper you are grounded– the higher you can go“. This is a wonderful description of her. ‘

katarina lotze

Teja Wood has a very high intuitive gift, imparts knowledge that is not in books and also goes with the flow teaching her groups and trainings by allowing her intuition to guide her.

jenic mantashian

My experience with Teja in Bali was nothing short of magic. I went deeper than I thought I could ever go while reaching a totally new level of consciousness.

I completed Soul Calling’s Psychic Mediumship and Ascended Masters Apprenticeship workshops with Teja. To say it was life-changing doesn’t really describe the transformation I have been through! It was my first time working with Teja, and let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE! 

Diana Cooper

Teja Organized My Seminar Beautifully And Very Professionally. It Was A Pleasure To Work With Her.

barbara umnik

I attended Teja’s program Goddess Reclaimed as I had enough of constantly losing myself in relationships and I was aware that I need more inner work and healing of my wounded feminine energy that was acting out, preventing me from moving forward and be more present in all my relationships in a healthy and matured way.

mojca tama

Teja’s mission goes beyond teaching; she strives to help each of her students find their life purpose, empowering them to share their wisdom and support others facing similar struggles. This creates a growing network of light-workers worldwide, with Teja guiding and inspiring them to thrive and shine.

rayleen nelson

Teja has taught me the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Learning how to love yourself, all of yourself, and taking care of your needs and health is truly empowering and vital. This is the first step to healing!

She is a pure clear channel and has the ability to see her students shadows as well as their true potentials, and knows how to guide and support them so they can move out of the comfort zone and being to thrive. Working with Teja is an opportunity for true quantum leap in your life.


It is so difficult do describe in words what all happened at the retreat with Teja. I could write several blog posts… I got so many insights and so many breakthroughs happened… it was simply AMAZING.

Tina baznik

She is a great teacher, never interferes with your own path, never forces you in any direction, never requires any obligatory deeds or forces you to believe in her own beliefs, she just guides and teaches with loving support and trust in your own inner wisdom. True spiritual teacher.

visnja dragun

Teja helped me to expand my vision and faith, and with practice new gifts opened up. After mediumship training I started having access to deceased loved ones and their messages, and I noticed I have a better connection with my guides and my Higher Self. 

Being on Teja Wood’s trainings, attending various workshops and 1:1 sessions with her was for me a life changing experience, and honestly it was the best decision I have ever made. I met her work when I was experiencing one of the most difficult times in my life.

Carmen (belgium)

I contacted Teja with no preconception about what we would be addressing during our session.
I was facing a very difficult moment with the recent passing of my son. Her words and insight provided me with extreme relief and I felt she guided me to understand a new reality despite the abyss I was experiencing. 

Her contribution to my slowly moving on was priceless. Whenever I feel lost or discouraged, I remember what she said and that gives me interior peace.