the soul calling academy presents:

Sacred Soulmate Relationships

by teja wood & jeran meah

Join us for a 3-month transformational journey into the heart of sacred relationships, where you will embark on a voyage of self-discovery and get the opportunity to heal the deep wounds that have kept you in the repetitive patterns of unfulfilling relationships. Instead, learn what it takes to find that one true connection, the true companion for your soul with whom you can co-create the most beautiful realities.  

A magical thing is happening in the world …

…more and more people are transcending the old paradigm and beliefs around relationships, and due to their spiritual healing, they are finding themselves in a new type of relationship – sacred relationships. As humanity rises in spiritual consciousness, more sacred relationships are emerging around the world.

Sacred relationships are gifts to the world, as they embody true love and soul connection, and through their service they facilitate powerful change in many different ways.

Relationships based on love, harmony and deep spiritual compatibility 

These relationships go beyond physical attraction, comforts or practicalities of daily life. They go beyond the mirroring of our childhood wounds and the inner work that we need to do on ourselves. They go beyond past life karma and past life entanglements that we have created over many lifetimes. 

They are not rooted in ancestral trauma. Rather, these relationships are based on deep soul compatibility, where two souls are called together for a higher purpose. We have now arrived at the point in humanity’s evolution of consciousness, where more and more people are ready to return to the sacred ways of being, and this includes the emergence of sacred relationships. The emergence of sacred relationships is a sign that we are moving into a different vibrational reality. 

To understand sacred relationships, we need to understand the bigger picture of life. As souls, we come into this world to experience the world of polarities, where we can experience the harsher and darkest aspects of life, as well as the lightest and most blissful experiences. The richness of experiences that this world offers, helps souls to grow tremendously. This is why as souls, we keep coming back. With each experience, we grow and evolve. Each life time is one assignment, just like in school, we progress through stages until we finally graduate from the school. 

When it comes to soul’s growth and evolution, relationships are some of the most powerful and enriching ways of learning our life lessons. We are born through relationships and we exist through relationships. It is through relationships that we experience the greatest love and connection, as well as the deepest sorrow and pain. Relationships crack us open in different ways, they can lift us up or they can bring us down. 

This current lifetime is different from many other lives because it is in this lifetime that many of us are called to break free from the repetitive patterns of our past, including our past lives, as well as the toxic patterns of our ancestors.

This is because it is through a sacred relationship with your soulmate that the right alchemy of energies happen. It is through this alchemy that you experience a powerful activation of your spiritual gifts and as the two of you begin to combine your gifts you start weaving true magic into being.

This ‘coming together of energies’ can manifest itself in many different ways: you might be called to create a beautiful family and home, an impactful business, or share a powerful message with the world. Each couple’s spiritual assignment and purpose is different and unique, but what all of these sacred connections have in common is that they are meant to lead others through their own example. 

The key element in sacred relationships is that through their work together, and by blending their spiritual energies, practical skill set and experiences, they are the way showers of a harmonious and sacred way of living.

Sacred relationships can only manifest when we are ready. 

While all of us yearn for this sense of unconditional love, deep connection and soul union, as this is our birthright, the truth is that we need to prepare ourselves for such union. Most of us carry deep childhood wounds and karmic entanglements that need to be cleared out before we can manifest sacred relationships in our life. 

The majority of people are experiencing trauma-based relationships that can also be called ‘learning relationships’. These types of relationships can be extremely painful or very enjoyable, but the one thing they have in common is they represent a step in our growth and maturity. Once the purpose of this relationship has been achieved, the connection will end in one way or another.

We can have many different learning and karmic relationships through many different lifetimes, and they help us resolve deep inner conflicts. Once we reach our maturity, which is often directly connected with our spiritual awakening journey, a deep yearning for a soul-based relationship emerges.

We are no longer interested in the wants, needs and desires of our lower selves. We seek a deeper connection with a person who can connect with our soul. We start to remember a unique energy that has always been a part of our heart.

Have you been called to a sacred relationship?

There is a collective calling, asking us to remember who we really are in our hearts and to return to a sacred way of being. It all starts with our own relationship with ourselves and others. 

This training has been designed for those who are ready to transcend the old paradigms and embody this new way of being and existing. 

  • You are single, have had a series of dysfunctional relationships in the past that have somehow left you feeling hopeless for any positive change. You desire a beautiful soul connection but don’t even know where to start. Maybe you are hoping to get lucky (without needing to put any work into it)?
  • Or you are single but you have tried everything, and now you are ready to put all the necessary work in so you can be in resonance with that amazing soul connection you have been yearning for.
  • Or maybe you have outgrown your relationship and are ready to move on with clarity and a deep understanding of what it is that your soul is truly guiding you towards.
  • Maybe you are in a relationship, and both you and your partner want to take your relationship to the next level by transforming your challenges and learning to co-create by using your gifts and following the true purpose of your relationship.

This training has been designed for anyone who has a deep desire to create a sacred connection in their own life, despite their relationship status. This training is also ideal for couples who would like to go to the next level and bring more purpose and soulfulness to their relationship. 

Overview of the training

There are 3 parts to this training. Each part takes a full month to complete (4 modules and 4 live Q&A).

Part 1: Intense Clearing

Identifying the illusions and distortions about relationships that prevent you from finding greater alignment
Past life patterns where you have given your power away and have brought about many different entanglements
Repeating family and ancestral dynamics through generations and now is the time to change it once and for all

Through intense clearing practices, you will be able to recognise, heal and clear distortions in your energy system. You will learn to break karmic connections and vows, cut energetic cords and take back all of your power. You will get to experience deep work on your inner feminine and masculine energies, through energy work and archetypal storytelling, so you can understand your inner polarity and find ways to bring it into balance.

When you heal your inner polarity and bring your inner feminine and masculine from the shadow to the light, these two energies can return to unity and create inner marriage. It is through this inner marriage of the sacred feminine and masculine energies that your outer sacred relationship will manifest.

This is not to say that you need to be ‘perfectly healed’ to attract sacred relationship, because this is not realistic. However, you do need to reach a level of personal wholeness and energetic balance to be able to transcend the distortions and illusions, and return to the energies of your heart.

The clearing that will take place in the first part of the training will focus on healing the distortions from all the different sources (childhood, past lives, ancestral, collective) on the 7 levels of your chakras. Through this deep work, you will recognise where you have been sabotaging yourself and will get the chance to heal from deep within.

Learning to embody sacred relationships is a path that takes you back to your own heart and teaches you how to navigate your life from the intelligence of your heart. To activate your heart’s intelligence, you need to return to self-love. 

Through many experiences in this and previous lifetimes, many of us have lost the sense of self-love. We do not see ourselves as worthy, valuable or loveable. This can be a conscious or subconscious pattern, and unfortunately, many people are stuck in this where they try to source love from their external world in different ways, simply because there is a sense of emptiness within themselves.

Through our work together, you will learn how to clear the distortions, illusions and stories you have been telling yourself about relationships, you will learn how to rebuild relationships with yourself from the ground up.

When your own relationship with yourself is not anchored in self-love and self-worth, you will be manifesting toxic relationships in your actual life again and again, until you heal from deep within. The journey of self-love is the journey of your inner masculine and feminine energies, where you restore the wounded parts of yourself, you recover lost pieces of your own energy and start to feel whole, complete and finally, you find peace. 

This peace that passes all understanding is spiritual peace and it is a sign that you have reconnected with your soul and ignited the correct energies of your heart. Life suddenly becomes a beautiful sacred journey. Suddenly, life is filled with magical opportunities and abundance, and synchronicities are guiding your way.

True magic happens when we choose to heal from within and are willing to do the deep work required to rewire ourselves for true sacredness.

Part 2: Embodying the Sacred Relationships Alignment principles.

What sacred relationships are, why they are essential to our individual and collective destiny, and how to embody them in our own lives
The 5 principles of sacred relationships 
 The 3 stages to sacred relationships
Feminine and masculine archetypes of alignment
Deep alignment work through the 7-chakras
Understanding your unique soul contract in terms of relationships for this lifetime

The second part of this training is all about diving deep into the concept of sacred relationships and how to anchor this new paradigm in your life.

Part 3: Sacred Relationship Embodiment

Practices of the inner marriage of sacred feminine and masculine energies (hieros games)
Activating portal from your heart and soul to call in your sacred soulmate connection (if you are in existing relationship you will work with taking that relationship to the next level)
Working with your sacred soulmate on an energetic level, anchoring new energies, grid work, sacred union
Calling in your sacred tribe for co-creation

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

This is what is included:

pre-recorded sessions

12 x pre-recorded sessions that will be released on Mondays.

weekly 2-3 hour live q&a

12 x Live Q&A 2-3 hour sessions over zoom with Teja and Jeran.


A workbook with essential exercises will be provided for each module with weekly practical assignments.

Library of guided meditations

Designed for each of the modules to help you embody the materials.

private online community

Offering ongoing support and community connection

The 3-month journey is designed as a sacred portal, through which you will get the chance to release any distorted energies, limiting subconscious programming, toxic ancestral karma, personal past life karma and any other negativities, including the negative mindset that surrounds the concept of relationships.You will get the chance to heal from deep within and activate powerful codes and frequencies of sacred relationships, in order to manifest such relationships in your own life. 

It is time that we renovate and redesign our world according to the spiritual principles of Life. Sacred relationships are the foundation upon which we can co-create a new, harmonious and enlightened world. We are called not only to awaken spiritually on an individual level, but to come together in a sacred way and create true soul-based connections through which we will fulfil this sacred calling.

If you have been called to the path of sacred relationships, you know it in your heart. For a very long time, you had a deep yearning in your heart to connect with your true soulmate in a most sacred way. You could feel them, their energy, their essence and it is now time to bring this into your reality! 

This 3-month journey is a journey of remembering who you truly are, and returning to the sacredness of inner feminine and masculine energies, through which a brand new reality will emerge for you. 

Teja Wood & Jeran Meah

About your mentors

Teja Wood is a founder of Soul Calling Academy, an online platform of ancient wisdom for modern times. The academy is a meeting point for many like-minded people from all over the world, seeking the path of spiritual empowerment and deeper soul alignment.

Teja has worked with thousands of people over the last 20+ years, helping them navigate their sacred journeys. She has co-founded Soul Calling Academy with her partner Jeran Meah. Together, they create transformational materials, certification courses and retreats around the world, with a shared vision to support awakening of the higher consciousness of humanity.

Teja is also a mum to a cheeky 8-year old boy and a spoodle name Ruby. Originally from Slovenia (Europe), now she resides in Australia by the ocean with her family.

Jeran has been on his own spiritual journey for the last 12 years, exploring the principles higher consciousness living while going beyond the typical matrix reality mindset. On his journey he has learned extremely valuable lessons, especially when it comes to going beyond the shadow feminine and masculine energies that are so prevalent in our world, and instead embodying authenticity, truth and balance of the sacred masculine.

He has met Teja through a set of synchronicities that turned a completely random chance meeting through social media into a friendship that eventually led to a true sacred soulmate relationship. Watch the video of their extraordinary mystical journey here

Jeran has joined Soul Calling Academy in 2023 and has played an integral role in anchoring the vision of Soul Calling Academy, as well as co-creating with Teja empowering and deeply transformational materials covering different areas of personal and spiritual development.

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

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what is the time commitment?

I would suggest allocating some time daily just for your spiritual practice. It is important to understand that while the materials offered in this training are simple to understand, it is about putting it into practice. So you will need 2-3 hours weekly to do all the exercises, and possibly a daily meditation and self-reflection practice.

how are the courses delivered?

Our courses are primarily released in video format, with carefully designed slides to enhance your learning experience (this is especially suitable for visual learners). Weekly live Q&A is done over zoom and recording is uploaded to our membership area.

what about technical requirements?

You need a smart phone, tablet or computer to access the materials. A working high-speed internet connection is also recommended.

how long will i have access to the class?

You have a life-time access to this training. You can revisit it whenever you want, and go through the materials again and again. You will also have access to all the updated versions of this program.

what about refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all purchases are final and there are no refunds available. However, if you change your mind, you have 48 hours to ask for the refund and we will refund your purchase 100% no questions asked. After this period, no refunds are available. Sorry 🙂

what about time frame of each module?

You can follow the the 1-module/week template originally designed for this training, or you can take more time if needed. Many of our students also keep revisiting the same materials again and again.

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