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Spiritual Coaching

with teja wood

A unique blend of life coaching, transformational work, akashic records reading, past lives integration, inner child work, life purpose and deep spiritual healing, designed to help you connect with and fulfil your soul’s true calling.

While You Might Not Know This, but Your Life Is by No Means a Coincidence.

It Is Time To Put Your Soul First.

Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching


Learn about your true purpose in life. Stop asking yourself why certain things are happening to you and what you are meant to do next! Get ultimate clarity! 

60 min spiritual coaching with Teja designed for all those wishing clarity on their path in life. During the session I will tap into your soul’s blueprint for this life, and bring through important information about the life you are living. We will look at your past lives and how a great portion of the life you are currently living is serving as an opportunity to resolve old issues and karmic patterns, and find greater freedom and alignment.

We will also look into your sacred gifts and calling in this lifetime. In this type of a session we can also look at any questions you might have regarding your personal and professional life. In this type of session you will receive all the guidance, insight, conformation and clarity you need to move forward with your true calling in life.

Psychic Mediumship Session


Connecting with your deceased loved one is a beautiful way of receiving undeniable conformation that the soul carries on after physical death, and that your loved ones are always near you, helping you and supporting you. You are never alone!

Since I have been very little, I could communicate with the world of spirit, including the deceased loved ones. They would visit me in my dreams, pass on information that would later on come true. I have been taken to spirit world in my dream state many, many times and I have been shown again and again how physical death is only a transition to a higher vibrational state of being.

Over the last 25 years I have done thousands of mediumship sessions and what I can say with great certainty is that a mediumship session can be an unbelievable support when dealing with deep grief. If you feel called to have a mediumship session with me, I would love to connect with you and help you receive all the conformation you need, so you know that your loved ones are safe, happy and always there with you.

Sacred Relationships Coaching


Work through any relationship issues, understand your soul contract with specific person or in general when it comes to relationships, and learn your unique way of stepping into a sacred connection! 

This type of a mentorship is designed for people who want to heal from dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships, and instead start to thrive and create beautiful, romantic and deeply fulfilling relationship. There are different pathways available depending on your needs. You can chose 1 individual session, where you will get a clear intuitive insight into any subconscious programming that is keeping you stuck in unhealthy or unfulfilling romantic relationships.

You will also learn what needs to take place in order for you to move forward and find greater fulfilment. 3 and 6 month relationship coaching is also available for all those wishing 1:1 support in their process of transforming their soulmate relationships. This type of coaching is suitable for individuals as well as couples. 

VIP 3 or 6 Month Mentorship


This type of a session is ideal when you are wanting to achieve powerful changes in your personal or professional life. Fortnightly sessions will help you stay on track with your chosen goal and as a result, you will progress with your goals in life very quickly. Expect profound changes when you chose this type of a mentorship. Note: Only limited numbers of places available each year! 

This type of mentorship is designed for people who wish to dive on a journey of profound inner transformation. You will get the chance to work with me 1:1 for the duration of your chosen mentorship option, and receive many tools of empowerment and alignment, so you can break free from any blockages and find true freedom.

This is a completely personalised program and you will receive all the support you need to achieve your desired goals in your personal or professional life. This type of session is a mix of intuitive guidance, soul reading, coaching, mindset training, energy work, spiritual healing and business alignment. 

about your host

Teja Wood

Teja Wood is a founder of Soul Calling Academy, an online platform of ancient wisdom for modern times. The academy is a meeting point for many like-minded people from all over the world, seeking the path of spiritual empowerment and deeper soul alignment.

Teja has worked with thousands of people over the last 20+ years, helping them navigate their sacred journeys. She has co-founded Soul Calling Academy with her partner Jeran Meah. Together, they create transformational materials, certification courses and retreats around the world, with a shared vision to support awakening of the higher consciousness of humanity.

Teja is also a mum to a cheeky 8-year old boy and a spoodle name Ruby. Originally from Slovenia (Europe), now she resides in Australia by the ocean with her family.