student review

Emma Donivar

I completed Soul Calling’s Psychic Mediumship and Ascended Masters Apprenticeship workshops with Teja. To say it was life-changing doesn’t really describe the transformation I have been through! It was my first time working with Teja, and let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE! 

With Teja’s guidance, I rediscovered my true soul’s essence and authentic self, which has guided me back to my soul’s mission and helped me remember why I am here and what I need to accomplish. I realised very quickly that I wasn’t only working with Teja but also working with her spirit team. I experienced PROFOUND activations, and both workshops unlocked/unblocked so many aspects of myself and my psychic gifts. If you had told me that I’d be opening and holding space for clients to connect with the spirit world to share messages with their loved ones and convey the guidance and wisdom from the Ascended Masters… I wouldn’t have believed you! It’s mindblowing how far I’ve come in such a short time. But here I am, booking in-person client Mediumship readings, channelling sessions and sharing wisdom and guidance from the spirit world online confidently, deeply trusting myself and the journey.

I felt entirely safe and supported throughout the process, even when asked to step out of my comfort zone. My biggest takeaway was learning to embrace and trust the flow, myself and building a solid connection with my spirit guides and spirit team. The workshops have given me the self-confidence to step wholeheartedly into my path as a psychic medium and channeller, and I am deeply grateful beyond what words can describe. I highly recommend anyone who is called to do this type of work to work with Teja. I’m sure it will change your life in so many positive ways the way it has changed mine.