The 3 steps to meet your spiritual soulmate

Spiritual or sacred soulmates embody deep compatibility on all levels and therefore represent the most harmonious, creative and fulfilling types of a relationships. It feels like meeting your true soulmate, somebody you have known for eons of time. While you share a deep romantic bond, there is much more to your connection. You are here to combine your energies and support the awakening of the consciousness of humanity.

Deep within our hearts, we all carry the memory of such union. This is also often called a ‘sacred union’. This is where the sacred feminine and masculine energies come together in the most balanced, harmonious and truly alchemical way. While we all yearn for such a union, what we need to understand is that we only attract our true spiritual soulmate when we are ready.

Here are the 3 steps to meet your spiritual soulmate:

As souls, we get to experience many different lifetimes where we are given the chance to learn through numerous experiences. We also call this a cycle of reincarnation or simply put ‘past lives’. The problem with this is that often we exit a lifetime without having worked through all the issues. The unresolved issues then get carried over to another lifetime and eventually, this leads to a build up of toxicity and toxic patterns that we need to work through.

You might have a lifetime where you have lost the person you loved and you have given up on love. Maybe you have had many lifetimes where each time you would lose your loved one, and you would simply give up. This has led to a build up of energy that needs to be resolved. The way your soul will want to resolve this is to be faced with a similar problem in this lifetime, and instead of giving up (like in previous lifetimes), this lifetime will have to be different. So in this lifetime, your soul might choose to lose not only the person they love but also other people in their life and the purpose of this will be for the soul to not give up and to learn to keep going and find joy in life, despite their losses grief.

There are of course many different patterns that can be carried over many different lifetimes. Regardless of whether you believe in past lives and reincarnation or not, it is a fact that our past lives affect our current lifetime. While your past lives are the source of your wisdom, skills and talents that you have developed over many lifetimes, they can also be a source of unresolved trauma and patterns that need to be resolved.

The thing is, you will not be able to meet your true spiritual soulmate until you clear past life energies, and this might involve a lot of clearing and rebalancing of your energies on many different levels.

Karmic relationships may manifest as a major obstacle in your life, where a person can cause a lot of pain to you (and you to them), and the key is to re-establish the balance of powers, put healthy boundaries in place, release all negativity and find peace through compassion.

These relationships and the way they play out are not pleasant and can in fact be extremely painful. However, these scenarios are part of your soul’s contract for this lifetime. Your soul has been battling the same issue for many lifetimes and it is now time to finally overcome this challenge!

Never forget – the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

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Often people want to skip this stage and escape the learning they need to go through. In these instances they might try to avoid confrontation or simply find a new partner rather than face up to what they need too. What tends to happen is that life becomes a vicious cycle of repetitive toxic patterns. You keep attracting the same type of person and scenarios, until you finally work through the karmic energies, release the patterns and return to true balance and authentic energy.

To sum it up: before you can attract your true spiritual soulmate, you will have to work through your karmic issues, one by one, until you clear all the energy. It might take some time, but if you keep working through it, you will soon find yourself attracting beautiful people and deeply harmonious relationships into your life.

Before you can meet your true spiritual soulmate, much work needs to be done in terms of learning and growing as a soul. Spiritual soulmates represent a point in your own spiritual evolution. This is where you get to that point in your life where you have learned to put your soul first, your spiritual path first and you are not swayed by the matters of the material world. It is not about denying anything, it is about having outgrown the desires for a material type of living.

Mastering important life lessons can take many lifetimes. Each lifetime you work through a set of lessons. This is how you grow and mature as a soul. As a soul, you will probably have gone through many different material based lifetimes, where you were focusing mostly on material goals, until you were ready to move to the next level.

As a soul you will have to experience great gains and great losses, in many different ways, in all areas of your life. Through the richness of your experience you will eventually reach a level of spiritual maturity, where you will transcend the need for such experiences and you will be ready for a life that is based on spiritual foundations. 

Often the lessons you need to master in this lifetime are strongly connected to your childhood. Your childhood created a platform for this lifetime’s learning. All the wonderful things, as well as painful things were part of what your soul needed to experience and learn from in this lifetime. 

Inner child healing is a very powerful way of understanding the true reason for the circumstances of your childhood and healing any childhood traumas can help you find true freedom.

As already mentioned, you will only meet your spiritual soulmate when you are ready. Through clearing the karma, learning important life lessons and healing from deep within, through many lifetimes, you slowly get ready for a beautiful spiritual reunion with your true soulmate.

This reunion often does not happen until you are ready, because as a soul you need people that are less compatible with you and that will be able to act out scenarios with you that you need to go through to learn and evolve.

Your spiritual or sacred soulmate is deeply compatible with you, and there will likely be no drama. So it only makes sense that you would meet such a person when you have done all the inner work required. 

On the way you might also meet different soulmates that will help you prepare for meeting with such souls. They might carry many of the right traits that you find deeply compatible on the soul level, but there might still be things that are slightly off and usually these relationships end once they have served their purpose.

When you meet your true spiritual soulmate, you will know. There is a deep knowing and sense of deep belonging and a shared spiritual mission. You both know that you have been preparing for this mission for many lifetimes and you are now finally ready to share your gifts with the world.

All of this can only happen when you have fully dedicated yourself to your spiritual path and have learned to truly put your soul first. You live your life by following your higher guidance, and by removing yourself from the collective programming and expectations of the outside world.

You live your life as your true soul-aligned self. 


Usually, spiritual soulmate relationships are the most fulfilling in many ways, however they are not ‘better’ than other relationships by any means. Every relationship we encounter in our life is meaningful and important, and every soul is sacred.

Sacred or spiritual soulmate relationships are now manifesting because there is an urgent call to awaken humanity’s spiritual consciousness. Spiritual soulmates are now reuniting and acting on their mission to bring greater light and consciousness into the world in their own unique way. 

When you have been called to a spiritual or sacred soulmate relationship, you will know. Relationships will feel different, you will feel a deep soul connection and a spiritual calling that you are meant to fulfill with the other person.

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