The 3 types of Typical Soulmates

Typical soulmates are souls who come into your life with the purpose of going through different life experiences together

These can be very beautiful and joyful, or very challenging, or a mix of both. They can come into your life for a short period of time, or longer. There is usually a unique soul contract put in place for each typical soulmate relationship. 

The 3 types of typical soulmates are mirroring soulmates, compatible soulmates, soul mentors. 

Let’s look at each of these in greater detail!


Mirroring soulmates

Mirroring soulmates are those who come into your life to mirror the lessons you need to learn. They might act out in a way that challenges or triggers you, and this will offer you an opportunity to heal and grow as a person and a soul.  Mirroring soulmates can have quite dramatic relationships, swaying from bliss to drama, depending on what is being mirrored. 
Example: A mirroring soulmate might be your spouse that you marry very early on in life, only to later on realize that they carry the same personality traits as one (or both) of your parents or caregivers from your childhood. Our childhood is when most of us experience a level of wounding that can then manifest as a loss of positive self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and self-trust. This often then leads to poor personal boundaries and attracting people into our lives that might not be the best match for us.

Mirroring soulmates are in many ways unfinished business from our childhoods. They will trigger our lack of self-love, self-worth and boundaries. They are the relationships where your deepest wounds are revealed and whatever needs attention will be brought to the surface. When you compare your childhood circumstances and the circumstances with your mirroring soulmate partner, you will find many parallels. 

Compatible soulmates 

Compatible soulmates are those that you are on the same wavelength with, you might have the same dreams and you feel very compatible. You will quite likely go through similar experiences and grow and evolve together. They feel like a well-matched companion. These types of soulmates usually have a unique contract that might last a certain amount of time or even a lifetime, but it is clear that there is a lot of learning and growing involved. 

Example: You chose to build a life together with a person who shares the same goals, interests and feels very compatible with you and what you want to achieve in life. As you build your life together, there might be different obstacles you will have to overcome and you will work together as a team. You will learn to cooperate and build your life together. Many life lessons that you have come to learn in this world as individual souls, you will be learning together. You might need to face a financial crisis or a health challenge together. Compatible soulmates might have some challenges, but in general the challenges usually sort themselves out and the couple exist harmoniously. 

Soul Mentors are older and more experienced souls that come into your life to help you through challenging transitions. You might meet them at certain crossroads in your life. The key will be for you to recognise their wisdom and accept their guidance. They might manifest as a friend, partner or a mentor of some sorts. They are not there to take your power away, but to help you face a challenge and empower yourself. 

Example: You are going through a challenging divorce, and suddenly you meet a friend who is like an angel sent from heaven. They help you through your darkest times and support you in numerous ways. They help you get back on your feet and give you important life advice. Eventually everything falls into place and you have gained a true friend for life!

So, you might have a karmic relationship with your mother for example, a compatible soulmate relationship with your partner, and your father represents a soul mentor type of a soulmate etc.

There are endless possibilities, even when talking about your relationship with your children! These soulmate types and relating soul contracts extend beyond just our romantic relationships, they cover all our relationships.  It is such a powerful tool of understanding, especially when things become challenging. Instead of blaming yourself or the other person, you might just realize that a certain soul contract is playing out just the way that is meant too!

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