The 3 Different Types of Soulmates

Your Soulmates Are Souls That Come Into Your Life to Help You Become Who You Were Meant to Be.

In this article, I will explore the different types of soulmates, and you will get the chance to learn more about your current relationship,as well as any past relationships. Understanding the different soulmate types will also help you understand the big picture of relationships and how to prepare yourself to be ready to attract most fulfilling relationship.

While you might not be consciously aware of this, but before coming to this world your soul has made a plan about what you were to experience and learn in this lifetime. The reason for this is that every lifetime is an opportunity for your soul to go through a set of pre-destined experience that enable your soul to grow and evolve, relationships being one of the main platforms for your soul’s growth and evolution.

These are the souls with whom you have created contracts before coming to this world and within that contract a scenario was scripted out that will be played out with the purpose of being a learning opportunity for all souls involved.

Sometimes we learn through beautiful and positive experiences, but more often than not we learn the biggest lessons through some of life’s biggest challenges.  As souls we often incarnate with similar souls into different roles, playing out different scenarios, in order to learn and evolve and this process often takes many lifetimes. 

There are different types of soulmates and learning the exact type of a soulmate can help you tremendously in navigating that relationships in the best possible way. The problem we often have is that we enter relationships blindfolded, this especially goes for romantic relationships. We have strong romantic expectations that often lead to disillusionment. 

You might for example expect a person you fall for to be your life-long partner you have always dreamed of, however what actually unfolds might be a completely different situation that you have never expected. This is when people often get really disillusioned and heartbroken, but the truth is that if we would know the true purpose of a relationship and the soul contract we have with that person, there would be much less heartache.

This is when knowing what type of a soulmate you have attracted into your life can be a game changer. Instead of hoping, wishing and dreaming, you would have a deeper understanding of the true purpose of this relationship. In this way, you would be able to navigate it accordingly.

When it comes to your soulmate, there are 3 main types of soulmates, and each of these come into your life with a unique purpose or reason.  Remember, you have scripted this into your soul contract long time ago, including all the amazing opportunities, as well as challenges. It is all part of your unique curriculum in this lifetime. While you can not avoid these contracts, you can educate yourself about them, learn more about them and then navigate each of these situations from a place of higher understanding.

  • Karmic Soulmates
  • Typical soulmates
  • Sacred or spiritual soulmate

Let’s dive into each of these a bit deeper. 

Karmic soulmates are people who come into your life as a part of unfinished business from previous lifetimes. The unresolved karma might be a positive experience that has never played out. Maybe you have lost a loved one in a lifetime, their life was cut short and they return into this lifetime and you get to experience a most beautiful reunion. It almost feels that when you meet them, you realise that you have been missing them all of your life!

On the other hand, karmic soulmates can also be unresolved issues from your past. Let’s say that in many different lifetimes, you have given power away to this specific person, and you never stood up for yourself. You will quite likely end up meeting this person in this lifetime, in order to face up to your fears and take your power back. Of course, the way these scenarios play out can be very uncomfortable, but in order for you to fully master the lesson, you need to be presented with the same challenge that you have failed in the first place.

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Typical soulmates are souls who come into your life with a purpose of going together through different life experiences. These can be very beautiful and joyful, or challenging, or a mix of both. They can come into your life for a short period of time, or longer. 

There are 3 main types in this category and these are: mirroring soulmates, learning soulmates and soul mentors. 

Mirroring soulmates are those who come into your life to mirror the lessons you need to learn. They might act out in a way that challenges or triggers you, and this will offer you an opportunity to heal and grow as a person and a soul.  Mirroring soulmates can have quite dramatic relationships, swaying from bliss to drama, depending on what is being mirrored. 

Learning soulmates are those with whom you are on a the same wavelength, you might have the same dreams and you feel very compatible. You will quite likely go through similar experiences and grow and evolve together. They feel like a well-matched companion. These types of soulmates usually have a unique contract that might last a certain amount of time or even a lifetime, but it is clear that there is a lot of learning and growing involved. 

Soul mentors are older and more experienced souls that come into your life to help you through challenging transitions. You might meet them at certain crossroads. The key will be for you to recogniser their wisdom and accept their guidance. They might manifest as a friend, partner or a mentor of some sorts. They are not there to take your power away, but to help you face a challenge and empower yourself. 

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Sacred soulmates are souls who are deeply connected on a soul level and the priority of this relationship is to accelerate each soul’s individual spiritual growth, activation of their spiritual gifts and by combining their energies, they come together to support the awakening of humanity’s consciousness on a collective level. They are alchemical partners, deep soul companions and they only meet when each of the individual souls have learned majority of their lessons and are now ready to live drama free. They have all the maturity needed and they can now exist together in a beautiful harmony, and co-creation.

More and more people are now completing their karmic and learning relationships. As they do that, a true sacred soulmate partner enters their life.

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