7 Signs of a Karmic Soulmate

Karmic soulmates are people who come into your life as a part of unfinished business from previous lifetimes.

The unresolved karma might be a positive experience that has never played out. Maybe you have lost a loved one in another lifetime, their life was cut short and they now return into this lifetime and you get to experience the most beautiful reunion. It almost feels that when you meet them, you realise that you have been missing them all of your life!

On the other hand, karmic soulmates can also be unresolved issues from your past. Let’s say that in many different lifetimes, you have given power away to this specific person, and you never stood up for yourself. You will quite likely end up meeting this person in this lifetime, in order to face up to your fears and take your power back. Of course, the way these scenarios play out can be very uncomfortable, but in order for you to fully master the lesson, you need to be presented with the same challenge that you have failed in the first place.

When you share a karmic bond, you will feel magnetically drawn to this person, and even if it doesn’t feel completely right, you will still feel pulled into a situation. It is almost as if this is something that you just cannot avoid. The feelings might be extremely positive or extremely negative. The circumstances surrounding the situation might be favorable or go against your values and expectations. 

All in all, a karmic connection feels like a strong pull and no matter how much you try, you cannot avoid it. Therefore, in order to resolve the karmic knot and master your lesson, you will have to face the situation.

You do not need to get completely lost in the situation however, (often this means repeating the past life pattern and you should always try to avoid this!) but you do need to learn the lesson you have failed to learn in the previous lifetime.

This is usually the case when a beautiful relationship has been cut short, and the two souls have been searching for each other for a very long time. Finally, when they meet again the energy is amazing and often overwhelming. It feels like a grand celebration and the souls recognise each other immediately. 

The initial meeting and reconnecting of souls is not the beginning of a new chapter, but actually a completion of an old story that started a long time ago. Once the energy has been balanced out, the karmic soulmates will often part ways. Sometimes however, after the initial balancing of energies, karmic soulmates have put a new soul contract into place for this lifetime, and now this new contract will unfold. 

Especially so, when we talk about the type of karmic relationships that embody all the unresolved issues and life lessons. It feels like you can’t ever be on the same page, there are issues to overcome every step of the way, and while your logical mind is telling you that this doesn’t make sense, at the same time you might feel such a strong attachment to the person that you simply cannot let go of them and the relationship.

The magnet is the old energy that has not yet been cleared out and worked through. We must not confuse this for actual love and deep connection, as it carries addictive traits.

The drama often continues until both partners learn their lessons, or they simply part ways when appropriate.

They do not feel safe. In fact, you feel on edge all the time. You might find the other person quite unpleasant. In many ways, they might even feel dangerous. They do not feel like your best friend, with whom you feel deeply connected and unconditionally accepted. Often you feel like they don’t even see you or know you, and in order for them to like you, you need to change who you really are.

More often than not, this type of relationship will often make you feel sad, frustrated and not worthy of beautiful love. You might start thinking negatively about yourself, and this type of relationship might in fact bring out the worst in you.

Moments of happiness and joy are very rare, and even more so as time goes on.

This is a very important trait because healthy relationship doesn’t feel addictive. It feels peaceful, you feel like yourself and it feels right. Karmic relationships will feel as if you cannot resist it, even though there are many warning signs. You might try to break free from such relationships, but often until all energy is cleared, you will be pulled back in different ways.

Essentially, you will need to figure out what it is that you are truly meant to learn and overcome. Once you do that, you will be able to walk away freely.

While the purpose of our relationships is to uplift us, and support us in becoming more of who we truly are on the deepest and most authentic level, karmic relationships will have a lot of highs and lows, and essentially they will feel extremely exhausting. 

You will feel depleted by the person and your overall wellbeing might start to suffer. If you stay in such a relationship long enough (without learning the lesson and moving on), your health may begin to suffer as well. 

While you might want to hold onto the karmic relationship, ignoring all the red flags and warning signs, this type of a relationship is never meant to last. While you might drag it on for years or decades, it will never be a true, deeply aligned and committed relationship. 

This type of relationship is here to help you face your fears, lessons and insecurities. It is a learning platform for all souls involved, and it is only ever meant to be short lived.

Whatever needs to play out in a karmic relationship, will play out. This is a choice that your soul has made before coming to this world, simply because it needed to finally master certain lessons. You cannot avoid this, but you do have control over how you are going to deal with this and navigate the situations presented to you.

In these relationships, in order to move forward in life, you first need to go back and understand how this situation came about in the first place and what course of action you should take to rectify it. 

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