The 3 steps to break free from karmic relationship

Karmic relationships are some of the hardest relationships to break free from, as they represent a challenge that a soul has been trying to overcome often for many lifetimes. They can carry a lot of unresolved energy, so breaking free and walking away from a karmic relationship might take an enormous amount of strength.

Often, it is not only the unhealthy attachment to the person that feels like an addiction, it is also the circumstances that surround the relationships. There might be children involved that make things more complicated, or there might be financial challenges and disputes. Often, the most intense karmic relationships are also accompanied by very challenging circumstances that often take not only months, but years to resolve.

To break free from karmic relationships, you need to understand that this is not a typical relationship, instead it is a truly challenging situation and if you feel yourself being unable to deal with it in a healthy way, you might need to find support from different professionals, or your friends and family. Having a good support network at hand is a very important part of your journey to work through these energies. 

While we do understand the spiritual reasons behind karmic relationships, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier on a very human level. However, one thing you need to remember, if you find yourself in a karmic relationship, is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The situation will undoubtedly be resolved as you work through the past life energy. 

I have seen this happen so many times throughout my life and work, and I know that it works. But we cannot expect something that was created over many lifetimes to be resolved overnight. It might take some time and effort, but it can definitely be done!

This is absolutely essential. Without knowing the past life background to a certain situation, you might as well be walking around blindfolded, completely oblivious to the underlying currents of what is going on.

Ideally, you would gain clear insight into at least 3 past lives that have contributed to this particular karmic relationship that you have found yourself in. By seeing the past lives and how things unfolded, you can also gain understanding into what you have failed to learn. This will then give you clarity on how to proceed in this lifetime.

It is important to understand, especially if you are an empath, that while you might want everything to unfold in the most peaceful and positive way possible, this might not be possible simply because the other people involved are not on the same page. Your kindness will not cut it. So, it is highly likely that if this is you, you will have to learn to stand up for yourself, stand your ground and take all of your power back, to break free of this karmic relationship.

I have seen many beautiful empaths really struggling with this when they have found themselves in a karmic situation, and in the majority of these cases, the lesson has to do with taking your power back.

Deep healing involves looking at yourself and your own behavior. You are never a victim of a situation, so the questions you need to ask yourself are:- 

How are you enabling this karmic situation? 

Where are you giving your power away? 

Where are your boundaries being overstepped?

You might realize that your own behavior patterns and your own choices are contributing to this situation, and it is important that you address this.

At this stage, you might also need to do a lot of energy work with the intention of clearing the old stagnant energy.

The situation will also challenge you to think outside the box and change your ways. You will need to approach it differently from how you usually approach things. While the situation might be extremely unpleasant, what you will learn over time is that you have grown and evolved so much from the person you were before, in other lifetimes and in this lifetime, and you are now a much wiser and more mature person! 

While this is the most logical and obvious step, when it comes to karmic relationships, this can only happen once you have understood the underlying lesson and have mastered the lesson. This simply means that you have gone through a profound transformation, and have become a different person.

When you are dealing with a simple karmic relationship, while it might feel very addictive and you might find it very hard to break free from it, eventually when you do the inner work, you will be able to do what is necessary.

More complicated cases where there are other people or circumstances involved usually require longer time and more effort, but  can still be done.

Essentially, the best thing you can do is the moment you realize you have found yourself in a karmic entanglement, instead of trying to save the situation, rather start working on freeing yourself from this situation and focussing on moving on.

I have seen many of my students spend years trying to fix a karmic relationship that was never meant to last in the first place. They would often lose a lot of valuable time and energy, hoping and wishing things could be different.

With a karmic relationship, you come together for a very specific purpose – to clear the unfinished karma. When this karma has been cleared up, you can then move on, but not before.

This sometimes happens very quickly and you might wish to hold onto the relationship, even though you know it is not serving anyone’s greater purpose.  Or, the situation might be going on for a long time and you won’t be able to fully disconnect until you complete your learning.

From a higher perspective, we are all souls learning important life lessons. We come into each other’s lives to mirror these lessons and to grow and mature. While you cannot control how other people will react, you can control how you respond to any situation, and therefore becoming fluent in the language of soulmate relationships is the key! (check my Sacred Soulmate Relationship Training here).

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